Hey, I’m Ruben. You probably know me as that incredibly good writer and active boy from Twitter, under the moniker @urbanfriendden!

Or maybe you know me from my Tumblr or Medium! That’s incredible, wow! Regardless of how you arrived to this page, I think you’re absolutely wonderful and a delight to have around.

Profession-wise, I’m a fulltime writer and freelance academic always looking for work. I’ve been a manuscript editor for a fiction publication company for about two years and have written articles in Dutch for various online publications concerned with art and politics. My interests and experience in fiction and narrative can be extracted from the things I write, but I guess my main thing is surrealist queer utopic fiction and everything adjacent to that. I’m a proud queer and bisexual, after all.

My academic background includes historiographical research and source analysis, critical (media) theory, critical race theory, postmodernism and poststructuralism, postcolonialism, orientalism, and critical feminist theory, with a supplementary broad understanding of feminist vision theory, somatechnics, art and affect.

Specifically, my writing skills lie in critical analyses, thinkpieces, and reviews, investigative journalism and interviews, and also owning people online.

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